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Using Automatic Voltage Regulators

can stabilize problematic networks,

systems and hardware?

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Finding a unique descriptive name can

be a real challenge.  So, we thought ouT

oF thE boX.


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Nationally known and respected for our diagnostic skills, new clients
often first turn to us to address their most challenging issues in the
Metropolitan Chicago, Illinois Region.  With over two decades of
wide ranging experience in Information Technology,
Telecommunications, Physical Security and even Consumer Electronics,
we consider more than the ordinary facets to a problem.

What do we work on?

DS-3 cutovers to Ethernet to WiFi.  Point of Sale Systems to Kiosks.
CCTV to Medication Distribution Cabinets.  VoIP to TelePresence.
NAS to SAN to Data Recovery. PC to Thin Client to Server.

Once you experience our Client Centric Customer Service, we’re
confident you too will become a fan.
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